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The passage of an icon

The internet has more or less moved on from the theme of “Steve Jobs was the greatest person ever ever ever” and is now on “he wasn’t such a great guy after all, see he didn’t care for Chinese sweatshop … Continue reading

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Udaan: The Best film of 2010

[Disclaimer: 1. I have not seen Peepli Live, or most of the other ‘critical’ hits of 2010 2. Spoilers if you haven’t seen Udaan] “Udaan” was ‘critically acclaimed’, which automatically gave it the kiss of death as far as viewership … Continue reading

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Bollywood and Science Fiction: Koi.. Mil Gaya

Bollywood’s biggest problem, apart from the Talebs in charge of the Censor Board (and their stone throwing “hurt-sentiment” brethren across the country) is that when making a film, everything is secondary to the Star act i.e. Star driving a sports … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Guzaarish

The Cast: Hrithik Roshan as Ethan Mascarenhas: A magician, who won the Order of Merlin (presumably Harry Potter awarded it to him). Formerly the love child of David Blaine, Mr. A from Dhoom 2,¬† Michael Moschen and every stereotype¬† of … Continue reading

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